Misappropriation and dishonesty


THE Oxford dictionary defines misappropriation as to take dishonestly.
According to this definition, misappropriation is an offence that merits community condemnation and punishment because one is behaving in an inappropriate manner.
Agreeing with this definition, misappropriation can also be classified as one is stealing.
The culprit can be identified as a thief or fraudster and can be dealt with by way of fine or imprisonment.
Misappropriation by public servants is just destroying the image of this beautiful country.
By mouth, the public servants swear on the Public Service Code of Ethics to serve the State with dignity, honesty and integrity.
They do not do it.
As a result, we see that development is stagnant because funds for development are diverted and misused.
The Government needs to proactively do something today and stop this epidemic disease from escalating further.
If the government does not do something today, things will really get worse in the near future.
As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure.
Prevention must start now at this stage at all cost for prosperity to prevail.
A motivational thought is this famous quote by the late President of America J F Kennedy who stressed: “Do not ask what America will do for you but what you can do for America”.
I really think all public servants of this country can ask themselves what they can do for PNG.
I believe misappropriation will diminished.
PNG will progress to a healthy nation where they will be no misappropriation.
Transparency, honesty, accountability and trust will be fostered, resulting in swift progress development of this nation.

Chris Pati
@PNGIPA Annalist