Miss Pagini enters pageant

Lae News, Normal

The National, Tuesday 04th September 2012

LORRAINE Rifu who is working with Kutubu Transport in Lae, Morobe,  as dangerous goods clerk is contesting the Miss PNG pageant under the banner of Pagini Transport.
   Rifu, 26, of mixed Oro, Gulf and Central parentage is sponsored by Pagini Transport. She is entering the quest as Miss Pagini and is the second entrant from Morobe apart from Miss Ahi contestant.
She holds a degree from the University of Papua New Guinea in Environmental Science and Geography and hopes to raise the set target of K10,000.
Rifu never thought of entering the quest and without her knowledge, her friends submitted the application to quest organisers who
accepted her.
She said many entrants has different views of entering the quest.  However, the quest is an avenue where a platform is set to know others.
“I will be getting my one night of fame, whether win or lose, whatever the outcome does not matter, people already know who you are and with that recognition you can probably get involve with like-minded
people to support the work of Red Cross.”
“Tonight’s fund-raising was focused on the work of the Red Cross in Morobe, and the many works it has done.
“However, people
really don’t know what the organisation does and I hope the money raised for the quest comes back to Red Cross
Morobe branch,” she said
Rifu applauded her sponsors as well.
able member Ken Fairweather who owns Pagini group of companies for initially kick starting the fund-raising drive with K5,000 and friends supporting her for this worthy cause.