Miss PNG’s costume designer clears the air

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The National – Thursday, December 23, 2010

A FASHION designer has blamed the Miss PNG team for their poor showing in the recent Miss South Pacific pageant in Port Moresby.
Anna Amos also said that she was hired “at the last minute” when the team realised that the preparation was not going well.
She told The National that she was approached two months prior to the finals but she still came up with eight designs for the team to consider.
She claimed that the team then “dumped her” and proceeded with their own programmes.
“But two weeks before the final, the board decided to rehire me to complete what I had designed for Rachael Sapery James,” she said.
“I reluctantly agreed for James’ sake. If I did not do it, who would?”
Amos, who has degrees in textile design and fashion design from the University of Victoria in New Zealand, said the costume was designed according to James’ own wishes.
“James wanted something that is traditionally inspired and that she wanted to look like a bird of paradise that’s why I did, following her wishes.”
Amos said things would have been different if she had been given more time.
“Rachel and I are victims of gross incompetence,” she said in response to criticisms over her costume.
The National had received several letters from the public expressing shock and disappointment over James’ dress and make-up.
Many said that instead of enhancing her looks, the make-up had hidden her assets.
Amos said she had also designed James’ dress for the Miss PNG pageant earlier this year.
“She has faith in my work, however, the team failed me and her,” she said. 
She added that although she had put a lot of effort into designing the costumes, she was not paid any money.
“It was charity, I was told.”
Efforts to contact the Miss PNG team for comment were unsuccessful.
Last month, the PNG organisers of the Miss South Pacific pageant said they were not involved in James’ selection of costumes.