Miss PNG delivers message of hope


Knowledge gained through education can be communicated effectively to bring about positive changes in one’s life and the nation, according to Miss PNG Niawali Twain.
That was her message to the National Children’s Forum in Port Moresby on World Children’s Day this week.
Twain told them that it was through education that brought them to the forum and that they were to make the most of it when they returned to their province.
“I would like to say that this is an opportunity for you, new opportunities – they come once in a while or once in a lifetime,” she said.
“You represent the school, you represent the family and you represent the people. Now, that is what I call honour.
“I do not know what went through your mind when your teacher approached you and told you that you’ll be part of the team for the next two days.
“Did anything appear to each and every one of you on what would transpire in the next two days? Did you ever have the slightest thought at all?
“You might think that   I’ll just sit here and be part of the discussion, do my part and leave but has it occurred to each and every one of you what the powerful input each and every one of you may put that will steer this country by a whole new dimension?”
Twain said communication was powerful