Missing boat towed back

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The National, Thursday February 20th, 2014

 vessels reported missing in Madang waters this week have been recovered with passengers and cargo safe on board. 

Madang Disaster Office director Norman Philemon said the mv Ganau carrying cocoa and copra from Bagbag had developed engine problems and drifted into the open sea on Monday. It was rescued late yesterday.

“A boat travelling to Wewak spotted the small ship and towed it back close to Madang and Sigma Construction Company assisted to tow it to shore,” Philemon said.

He said on Monday four boats travelling into Madang from Long Island drifted off as well after running out of fuel but were rescued after one of boats managed to seek help from Biliau, on the Rai Coast.

It was reported that three of the four dinghies arrived in Madang at 7.30pm but it was later discovered that one was missing.

Philemon the missing dinghy carrying 10 passengers was carried away by strong winds and did not make it to shore but was discovered at Bom village, in the Astrolabe LLG, in Rai Coast, yesterday.

“The owner of the boat left this morning (yesterday) to bring the boat and the passengers back,” he said.

Philemon said another dinghy carrying passengers to Karkar Island from Kubugam was blown off by strong winds and it diverted into Malas village, further down the north coast.

Meanwhile the seven people on board a dinghy that was travelling from Long Island to Madang on Jan 29 are still missing.

The disaster office had received the incident report nine days later from a relative.

“People have to be warned that the wind is very strong out in the open sea; they have to take extra precautions and make sure all safety requirements are taken into consideration before leaving the shores,” Philemon said.