Missing boy reunited with family

National, Normal

Story and picture by JEFFREY ELAPA

A TEN-year-old boy who went missing for a week is home safe and sound.
Bonny Pakamu from Yango village in the Laigiam district of Enga province, intended to take a PMV bus to Lae
to visit one of his relatives at the Angau Hospital.
The boy’s father, Pakamu Aniki, told The National that when his son ended up in Eriku,
he was cared for overnight by a generous man.
Mr Aniki said the next day, the man stopped a Hagen vehicle and put Bonny on it upon his request.
When he arrived in Hagen, he was lost and was crying, Mr Aniki said.
David Petu from Pabrabuk in the Nebeilyer district found him and cared for him until he heard a public appeal for the missing boy on Radio Eagle FM.
Mr Petu telephoned Mr Aniki and father and son spoke over the phone. Mr Petu drove Bonny to Madang, where the boy was reunited with his family.
Mr Aniki said he was happy his son is home alive and well and thanked Mr Petu and his relatives for taking care of him.
He said he would establish a new relationship with the people of Pabrabuk and would give some money as a token of appreciation.