Missing info an obstacle to planning in agriculture


AGRICULTURAL subsector entities in the private sector have to provide information so that they are adequately planned and budgeted for by the government, Department of National Planning and Monitoring Secretary Hakaua Harry says.
She said this was vital for the upcoming third Medium Term Development Plan (MTDP) because it was a “budget tool” that the government used in allocating funds.
“This is very timely for the country for the last couple of years when we talk about sector plans and agencies coming in with plans. We have been trying to get the agriculture sector together to come in with a plan,” Harry said.
“For the last MTDP, we came up with outcomes and indicators that were kind of very ambitious.”
She said consultation for the next Medium Term Development Plan was crucial.
“You need to make sure that your indicators and outcomes are realistic and in response to what you want to achieve in the sector,” she said.
“The Medium Term Development Planis budget tool in that it will get funded and is always within the government radar.
“A lot of times people say that agriculture funding has been very limited for the last couple of years up until only now.
“Agriculture must not be a sector in isolation as there are other sectors that have challenges and plans which must be considered when developing your plans.”