Missing suspects baffle police


Four foreigners detained after an attack on a security guard have disappeared from the Waigani Police Station cell in Port Moresby, station commander Inspector Jerry Yawa said.
“I saw them being brought in by another police unit and were detained in the cells. But the next day they were not in the cells,” Yawa said. “I don’t even know which unit had brought them in. I don’t even know what happened to these suspects.”
Yawa said the alleged victim, security guard Wop Mamaro, said that police officers at the Waigani station released his attackers.
Mamaro said he was attacked when he was unable to move a heavy crate the attackers wanted moved.
“They told me to move a crate That crate was heavy and it needed a forklift to move it,” Mamaro said.
“I told them that I will bring the forklift to move it. They bashed me up.”
Mamaro said he complained at the Waigani Police Station and the four were arrested and detained.
“The next day I went to check on the suspects and realised that they were not in the cells,” Mamaro said.
“I asked the duty police officers and they brushed aside my query.”
Mamaro claimed the company had also terminated him for reporting the incident to police.
According to his medical report, Mamaro was punched, booted and hit with pieces of timber.