Missionary speaks to girls about good health

National, Normal

The National, Friday July 5th, 2013

 GIRLS attending the first Girls’ Brigade Fonomarae camp in Port Moresby were lectured on the importance of good health in life.

Susan Withers, a missionary and nurse with the Christian Revival Crusade church, spoke on health issues in relationships and diet to the girls.

She explained that their wellbeing was a fundamental part of being active in their spiritual wellbeing.

 “Your belief spiritually has a lot to do with your health,” he told the girls.

Withers urged the girls to appreciate self-control in relationships and also how they should have proper meals.

“It’s best to have one life-time partner and better to abstain from any sexual relations before marriage because it can reduce the chances of you contracting sexually transmitted infections such as HIV.”

Withers touched on cultural barriers and said: “I know in PNG people like to eat till they have a stomach full but that is not healthy. It is better to have small meals in intervals so that your body is able to digest properly the food you eat. These points I have mentioned are principles of disciplining your body.”

The camp at Tokarara, National Capital District, will end today.