Missionary team helps restore sight in people

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YOUTH With A Mission (YWAM) restored the sight of 113 patients at the Mt Hagen hospital in Western Highlands.
The visiting YWAM team, comprising an eye specialist and two nurses, helped local eye specialist Dr Waimbe Wahamu and his team from the Western Highlands health authority (WHPHA) to operate on the patients.
The programme took over nine days to complete.
Wahamu said the surgeries were a success with all patients sent back to their villages with sight restored.
He said 98 of the patients operated on had cataracts removed, 14 were operated on for pterygiums and one for band keratopathy.
Most of the blind and partially blind patients were from Western Highlands, mostly the elderly.
“I want to thank Youth With A Mission for their assistance to the people of Western Highlands and the region as a whole,” Wahamu said.
Wahamu said the YWAM team helped reduce their backlog of eye surgeries.
He also commended his own team as well as others from WHPHA, including doctors nurses and support staff who helped to make the surgeries a success.
Wahamu said it was a testimony of what teamwork could achieve.
“Together we have operated 113 cases in nine days of surgery and our patients are all well and have gone home with their sight restored,”he said.
They will live to tell their story so keep up the great team spirit.”
WHPHA chief executive David Vorst said his management was proud of the great team effort put in by everyone involved.


  • it is good to know that lots of elderly people of WHP have their sights restored by the visiting YWAM team.
    Will the team visit other provinces like Enga, for we have similar people here and needs their help. In fact I am one of such person.

  • Dr. Wahamu is the BEST. I so enjoyed working with him, learning from him, appreciating his skills and example. Thank you, Dr. Wahamu. Best, Dr. Dickie Atlanta, GA USA

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