Misuse of antibiotics should stop, says official

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THE misuse and abuse of antibiotics in PNG should stop in order to prevent antimicrobial resistance (AMR), Health Department secretary Pascoe Kase says.
In his address to participants of the first national AMR forum in Port Moresby yesterday, Kase urged human health, animal health and environment sectors to take a unified stand against the global public health threat which required local interventions.
He said AMR was a behavioural change in the disease causing microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites that defended themselves from the antimicrobials such as antibiotics and other medicines that were meant to kill them.
He said AMR was a major concern because it resulted in prolonging the disease, increased healthcare cost for the individual and society, disability and even death.
“Every country is affected by IMR which causes 700,000 deaths every year worldwide,” he said.
“The multi-drug resistance tuberculosis (TB) is a classic example of AMR in PNG. “
Kase said the Government was committed to combating AMR through a one-health approach, therefore the national action plan 2019-2023 on it was signed by the Health and Agriculture and Livestock departments, the Conservation Environment Promotion Authority (Cepa) and National Quarantine and Inspection Authority (NAQIA).
He said the ARM secretariat under Health Department through the pharmaceutical standards service branch would coordinate this.


  • no need for someone to get contract for medical supply. contractors a dealling with head of health department and stealing lots of money. government should supply direct to all health center.

  • Antibiotics abuse is perpetrated by none other than the health workers themselves. The use of antibiotics outside of healthcare facilities constitutes a minor factor to rise of antibiotics resistance.

    Doctors and nurses continue to dish out antibiotics at will regardless of proven International protocol is the real cause. Hospitals now need to create local protocols of antibiotic prescriptions and ensure all prescribers adhere to these protocols is the way forward

  • From my opinion regarding the MISSED USE of antibiotics, i would suggest that we can bring this sensitive matter back to the health facilities and talk seriously with the Officer in Charges including its staffs as to why the anti-biotics run out within a very short period of time.

    Check to see if they keep the records of daily patients attendance
    Make sure no one is taking any form of medicines home-they should appoint a local there to make sure that none of them bring any form of medicine home. ( Without any doubt, i would assure you that at the end of every shift, the health workers are taking drugs/medicines home.)

    The other weakness is that, the OIC might not order drugs in time.

    My other point regarding the Antibiotic resistance, i would look closely to this as this is a very serious and sensitive matter that is to be disscussed or addressed as soon as possible.

    There are obviously many factors which may contribute to the Antibiotic Drug Resistance. Others are reasonable while others are desperately induced by oursleves. Issues to be addressed are: Ban anti-biotics and other drugs or medicines sales on the streets by street vendors and even in trade stores excpet the recognized Pharmacies.
    And the other is, as usual we must advise patients to complete the treatment as prescribed for within a time frame even if they feel better.

    More to discuss later!

    Chris Andrew-c/HEO
    (Yours in Health)

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