MKA has nothing to hide about K5m funds

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday March 17th, 2014

 IN response to a recent letter in The National (Mar ch 10), it is  correct and we confirm  that  the NCDC has  allocated K5  million  to the Motu-Koita Assembly (MKA). 

However, if  the writer is a concerned Motu-Koitabuan, he/she should come forward to the assembly and enquire about how the K5 million will be  –  or has  been  –  spent, rather than raising untrue and false allegations in the media. 

The writer is not aware of the problems that have affected the operations of the assembly  in  the past year or two. 

The assembly has borrowed  money  to keep operations functioning because over the years, NCDC did not pay its monthly GST grants to MKA, which  is required by law. 

Much of the money will go towards repaying of credits, paying our service providers who have endured with us throughout  tough  times  and paying outstanding salaries to employees  of  the assembly who have worked throughout the years with commitment without complaining. 

This money will also be used to pay for members’ outstanding entitlements. 

The assembly is not leaving any debts unpaid. 

Its books are audited by the Auditor-General’s office.  MKA has nothing to hide. 

Speaking about visionary leader, chairman Miria Ikupu has achieved so much in his professional life, both  in  politics  and  his personal life, for so many years. 

Ikupu’s re-election is indicative of the people’s respect and confidence in his vision. 

MKA is now working closely with NCD Governor Powes Parkop and the national government under the leadership of Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, and we continue to pray that our good relationship remains. 

We commend their support for the MKA. 


Oala Willie

MK Assembly