MMJV taking advantage of illiterate people

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I REFER to recent reports on the payout on environment damage by Morobe Mining Joint Venture to the affected people living along the upper and lower Watut River.
I am sad to read about the MMJV taking advantage of ill-informed affected communities, paying them miserable petty cash as compensation.
The strategy used by MMJV is an outdated method used by kiaps for short-term quick fix solution which I term as pasim maus strategy.
This particular payment method is not fair and it neglects addressing the important issue of environmental destruction.
Will that payment equal the loss in terms of livelihood, health problems, loss of business and education, etc?
There must be a proper
coordinated community-oriented approach with legal guidance, taking into consideration human right issues, resettlement and long-term benefits for the affected people.
Not compensation as it is not the answer.
The people living along the river need awareness of the problems they face and what they need to do.


Concerned PNGian