MMSS getting tough on criminals

Letters, Normal

THE MMSS personnel patrolling the main streets of Lae City are doing great.
We have witnessed a drop in bag-snatching, public harassment and pocket-picking by street thugs.
MMSS presence in the city has made a lot of positive difference.
However, the thugs roam the streets between 6am and 8am, preying on young girls, harassing the elderly and robbing people going to work.
Today, my three friends and I rescued a young woman who was on her way to work from being harrassed and robbed around 7am.
However, she lost her mobile phone.
We placed our lives on the line to fight these ten thugs. One of my friends lost his shopping bag in the confrontation.
It was a morale boost to confront these thugs given the situation.
We were attacked with iron rod and outnumbered,  fortunately no one was hurt.
Please MMSS or police, consider street patrolling around 6am-7am against this thugs.
Let us work together with community policing and group like MMSS and make our city and country safe for everyone.


W. Hera,
Lae, Morobe province