MoA on health workers’ dues set for Thursday

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NATIONAL doctors will know how much they will be awarded by the State in backdated allowances to 2007 by Thursday when the National Doctors Association (NDA), the Health Department and the Department of Personnel Management (DPM) sign a memorandum of agreement (MoA).
The NDA and Health Department yesterday met to formalise evaluation and revision status of remuneration for this period saying that once the MoA is sealed this week, it will also cover doctors to set awards from the State for the next three years beginning next year.
Relevant committees have been engaged since yesterday to incorporate the backdated determinants and to separate the doctors’ allowance requirements before the signing of the MoA on Thursday.
Meanwhile, an interesting feature of requirements and processes for remuneration under the MoA was that, instead of reclassifying the salary levels of national doctors, entitlements that doctors’ qualifications allow and have missed out on would be added.
Health Secretary Dr Clement Malau said the agreement which would affect other groups of health workers required a restructure.
“What all parties have agreed to take into account is to include allowances such as transport, accommodation and others as part of the new awards structure under the MoA,” National Doctors Association President Dr Kauve Pomat said.