Mobile gambling not for us

Letters, Normal

IT is with much regret that I have to send this letter to the editor.
Digicel has just come up with the most appalling and upsetting way to make money.
While we know what its objectives and goals are for being in PNG, why is it degrading itself by tapping into the lottery scene?
PNG is a developing country and such practices would only diminish the society further.
How could the National Gaming Board and the ICCC allow such a hideous move?
This is nothing but daylight robbery and I am sure many people are also disgusted and appalled with the idea of gambling through the mobile phone.
I wonder how the company can justify this idea and prevent underage users from gambling.
Some years ago, horse race machines were brought into PNG and it was quickly banned due to the problems it brought upon school children.
I suggest Digicel put the K1 million to better use instead of causing destruction and ruin among our poor families nationwide.
I urge the mobile phone provider to review its decision.


Digicel customer
Via email