Mobile phone gambling a new trend of evil, says Dion

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THE introduction of the new mobile phone-lottery by the National Gaming Control Board (NGCB) will only cause more problems for the society, East New Britain Governor Leo Dion said.
Dion, in joining the stand against the newly-introduced phone lottery, commended the Catholic Bishops Council and other churches for taking a bold stand against what he termed as, “a new trend of evil”.
He said the new game would only break down what had been left of our society’s foundation.
He said such activities should not be allowed to influence and degrade today’s young generation’s participation in the development of the province.
Dion called on the national government to intervene and put a complete stop to the new “devilish and unchristian”. activity.
He also lashed out at the NGCB for ignoring its roles and responsibilities.
He said while the organisation was obligated to make money for the government, it was also required to assist in the development of the country.
Dion added that in this respect, the NGCB had been unfair in distributing funds for this purpose.
He challenged the organisation to begin looking for better and safer ways to make money and not the new phone gaming lottery which tend to promise people of becoming a millionaires overnight.
Dion said the concept made people to be lazy and dependent on gambling to survive comparing it with money schemes like U-Vistract in the past.