Mobile phones, Facebook fuel adultery

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The National, Tuesday 11th June 2013

 The use of mobile phones and social networking site Facebook are contributing to the rapidly increasing number of adultery cases, a HIV/AIDS worker said.

Programme co-ordinator for People living with HIV/AIDS in Port Moresby Janet Towe has reported that lot of cases she dealt with were adultery cases fuelled by the use of mobile phones and Facebook.

“We have been receiving a lot of cases with women on a daily basis reporting to us that their husbands are having extra-marital affairs with other women with the help of mobile phones and through the use of social media sites such as Facebook,” Towe said.

“It is sickening because it is a daily occurrence that women are coming to us and reporting that men are doing such things that is having an increasing effect on marriage situations.”

She urged the Government and law enforcers to put in place tougher measures to control this trend.

“Sometimes the men would hide the mobile numbers using another person’s name and when the call comes in they pretend to tell the wife that the phone call is from that person. This has led some men to get away with his extramarital affairs.”

“It would be proper that the Government can also increase the penalty for adultery cases so that men will be afraid of committing the offence and in a way it will reduce the number of cases also,” Towe said.