Mobile phones: The good, bad and ugly


THE issue of the use of the mobile telephones has re-emerged with schools resuming classes for the new year, and children starting another long education journey.
Some schools have completely banned the use of mobile phones by students while some relaxing the rules a little – for the senior students only – if they need it to do research, but in a controlled environments such as in the classroom.
Some parents allow their children to use mobile phones for ease of communication, especially in cases of emergency when they find themselves in trouble.
The mobile phone comes in handy then.
The children are, however, sternly warned that any abuse or misuse will mean the removal of that privilege.
It is therefore important that its use is controlled.
The use of mobile phones is universal, meaning everyone in the family owns at least one.
The fact that this small gadget has changed our lives forever can no longer be denied.
Everyone is holding on to one – in the bus, at the queue in the bank, at the airport, in the supermarket, in the plane – almost everywhere.
Its convenience is unfathomable.
We use it in an instant to talk to a friend, to talk to parents at home, loved ones, call a business client and just about anyone else.
All it takes is a touch of a button.
It performs the tasks of the computer at the office or at home.
It’s small, multifunctional and very easy to use. And for many of us, it’s affordable.
It has become such an integral part of our everyday life that it’s difficult to imagine how we ever managed without it.
Of course, we don’t have to.
The mobile is here to stay with all the many benefits it has brought us.
And the technology promises still more wonders in the not so distant future.
But as we are all aware, it can create problems too, especially when children use it to access sites on the internet which they should not be looking at.
For adults who drive, it is almost an automatic reaction to grab the phone when it rings.
It has to be answered regardless of where we are or what we are doing.
And that can be dangerous.
Fatal road accidents have been caused by people on the phone.
Their mind is elsewhere instead of the road.
There are laws against using mobile phones while driving a vehicle but they appear to be, at best, randomly enforced and, at worst, completely ignored.
When an accident happens, it is not the fault of the mobile phone. It’s the fault of the user.
For while hands-free attachments are available for most if not all mobile phones, many of us find them an expensive extravagance and continue to chat away while driving with one hand.
And if people refuse to be more responsible in the use of this marvel of modern technology, it’s time for the authorities to encourage them to be so.
The laws already exist, they simply need to be enforced.
For our children, control is the key – so it can benefit them.
Mobile phones have brought much to our lives – but we need to use them and not be used by them.

One thought on “Mobile phones: The good, bad and ugly

  • i totally agree with the statement made. Nowadays our country is becoming a most commonly exposure
    of teenagers on the internet uploading their NUDES. I can’t imagine what would be like in the next 20 years time.
    Seriously we would not be surprise if PORNOGRAPHY is legalized in our country. So i support the statement above and say we should enforce law to control mobile usages.

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