Mobile squad cops arrested

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The National, Wednesday July 10th, 2013

 SIX members of the police mobile squad in Port Moresby were detained at the Boroko police cells yesterday following an alleged illegal entry and stealing incident in a shop at Malalaua, Gulf, last Saturday.

Two police detectives, one alleged to be the team leader of the group, were suspended from official duties and would be charged today along with the other six.

A senior police officer told The National last night that members of the armed robbery squad had set up a roadblock at the Laloki bridge outside Port Moresby and disarmed the eight as they were returning to Port Moresby.

“Upon doing so, the eight were escorted to the Boroko police station where two CIDs were immediately processed and served their suspension notices,” he said.

“The six mobile squad members have been detained at the Boroko cells and will be processed (today). 

“Once completed, the officers will all be charged with the stealing incident.”

According to Kerema police, the eight had forced their way into the shop in full police uniform, entered the room of the shop manager and removed about K20,000.

Police said they also walked off with 13 cartons of beer, eight Samsung Galaxy mobile phones, food items and drinks.

“One of the two suspended is a first constable, who is also the ring leader of the group and is based at Waigani. 

“The other is a police detective at Boroko,” the police officer said.

“All the policemen involved are of the constable and first constable ranks; no senior NCOs among them.

“This incident will be fully investigated and if other policemen are involved, they will be arrested and dealt with by a court of law.”

He added that the incident had forced the shop to close for the last four days and had affected customers in Malalaua.