MobileSMK now in Kerema, Ialibu

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The National,Friday13January 2012

POST PNG’s mobileSMK is continuing its expansion into the rural areas to bring financial services to the grassroots.
Post PNG signed up two more mobileSMK agents this week – one in Kerema (Gulf) and the other in Ialibu (Southern Highlands).
The people of Kerema and Ialibu can send and receive cash through their mobileSMK account with these new mobileSMK agents.
Roland Kapo, who operated the Mala Trading in Kerema, said “since Kerema has no bank, it is an ideal place for mobileSMK.
“I am very pleased to be the first agent for mobileSMK here.
“The people of Kerema need mobileSMK and I believe it is going to be very popular.”
Monica Mange Peipul, who operated Yalika Investment in Ialibu, shared Kapo’s sentiments.
 “We do not have a post office in Ialibu and the nearest post office is in Mendi which is many hours away.
“The people of Ialibu can now send or receive money anywhere in PNG. It will make everyday easier for them.”
Post PNG financial services manager Kenei Gumaru said mobileSMK has been the most successful mobile phone payments system in the South Pacific since its launching six months ago.
 There had been more than 100,000 transactions with tens of thousands of customers from all over PNG, he said.
Millions of kina was being transferred through mobileSMK every month, Gumaru said.
“And you can also now buy your Digicel top up using your mobileSMK account,” Gumaru said.
“With more and more mobileSMK locations, then this service will continue its unprecedented growth.
“That is why we are very proud to have these new mobileSMK agents in Kerema and Ialibu,” Gumaru said.