Modern techniques vital for high yields


SEVENTY-TWO farmers from Central received training on modern farming techniques.
The 72 farmers were taught modern farming techniques on growing watermelon and how to manage it to have high yields.
Central Province Division of Agriculture and Livestock, Food Security Officer, Gabi Tau said the aim of the training was to equip farmers with the knowhow to growing watermelon and to have maximum yield.
He said the training was focused on modern farming techniques that would be used to increasing their yield and have bigger size watermelon.
He said the one-day training was facilitated by the Taiwan Technical Mission through the Central Division of Agriculture and Livestock.
The training was conducted on a model farm at Vairara near March Girls Resort, Gaire.
He said the model farm was owned by Tony Badu who has farmed watermelon for a long time and has shared his experiences with the participants.
“The training was very practical, some practical session was held however the participants will return in two weeks to follow progress of the training.
“Women in Agriculture representatives from Rigo, Kairuku and Abau were also present during the training.
“Villages who attended the oneday training included Tubuseria, Barakau, Gaire Seme, Dagoda, Vaivai, Sabuia and Dabunari,” he said.
He said crop management practises such as weeding, irrigation, and fertilising, pest and disease control were important activities from planting to harvest.
The following needs to be maintained for better yield:

  • Weeding:
    Approximately two to three weedings are required during the dry or in low rainfall areas and three to four weedings after planting in high rainfall areas.
  • Irrigation:
    All crops require a lot of water during their growth and development stages especially from planting to harvest.
  • Fertilising:
    When cultivating crops on old garden plots or ground that has been used over and over, inorganic and organic fertilizer can be applied. Crop rotation, furrow and planting of legume cover crops to improve soil fertility is necessary.
  • Pest and disease control:
    These are wide range of pest and diseases that attacks plants or crops that are grown. Some common insect’s pests.

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