Modilon clears report of deaths

National, Normal

THERE are no deaths as a result of last week’s “illegal protest” by nursing staff at Modilon General Hospital in Madang, the hospital management said yesterday.
Hospital board chairman Fr Jan Czuba said the public should not to be concerned with the insinuation drawn by a Post-Courier report last Tuesday that three people had died during the protest by certain staff members.
He also announced that specialist medical officers that were not available in the hospital were being sought and it would take time before they were recruited.
Czuba said hospital doctors and nurses who were on duty while some staff led by “four ring-leaders” confirmed the three deaths and stated that they were not preventable.
“We have very hard working doctors and nurses with a sound professional ethics and they were on duty and no patient was left unattended during the illegal protest engineered by certain staff members.
“At no time have our doctors and nurses did not attend to patients,” he said.
“The three deaths that have occurred were recorded by doctors and nurses and they were from causes that would not have been prevented.
“As a hospital, we are concerned with the inference made by the news report that the deaths occurred because staff members were on strike.”
He said the recruitment of a gynaecologist and anesthetist were among the several demands contained in a petition by the striking staff and the hospital administration was working with the Health Department to recruit needed staff members.
Czuba also clarified the court order obtained by the board and management earlier last week that forced protesting staff members to return to work was done to ensure the hospital continued to serve the public, those men, women and children who otherwise had not voice.