Modilon General Hospital crisis lingers

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THE Modilon General Hospital management crisis is far from over since the court ordered the week-long sit in protesters to return to work.
One of the orders by justice David Cannings was for the disputing parties to talk to each other and finding solutions to outstanding work, pay and other conditions.
However, they had not met as the staff say that the one-person management team was not worth meeting.
The staff were also angry at a weekend announcement by Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare that the National Executive Council had confirmed the three-year appointment of Sr Christine Gawi as Modilon CEO.
“I call on all specialist doctors  and other hospital staff who have gone on strike to resume duties while the administration looks into the issues raised,” Sir Michael said.
He said the Personnel Management Department was preparing a contract of employment for Gawi to sign.
However, the 200-plus signatories to the petition put numerous times to the Health Minister Sasa Zibe and secretary Dr Clement Malau, are now questioning the legality of the recent appointment.
Their lawyer, Young Wedau, when expressing his view, said since the advertisement of the CEO position on May 30, 2008, seven people applied of which only five were selected.
“The five were then screened and only three names were given to the board.
“The long delay in appointing a CEO proper has so far seen two of those three short-listed leave Modilon for better jobs.”
“The (hospital) board then should have re-advertised.
“Gawi was then the director of nursing services and was only acting CEO being the only one left of the three.
“Currently, her two counterparts  – director finance and administration and director medical services – were also on acting position at that time,” he said.
Wedau claimed that under the Regulatory Statutory Authorities Act 2004, proper procedures were not followed.
“It must be based on merits and nothing has been gazetted.”
The hospital staff has until Friday to reach some sort of consensus with Sr Gawi and her executive arm.
“Otherwise, all matters will go before Cannings for further legal clarifications.