Modilon management shut out

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THE chief executive officer (CEO) and several senior officers at the Modilon Hospital were locked out of their offices by disgruntled staff at around 10am yesterday morning.
The disgruntled staff members decided to nail the doors to the top management offices shut after several of their demands to the Government to appoint a hospital management was not met.
Acting CEO Sr Christine Gawi, director finance and administration Anthony Kalisa and acting director human resources Sr Galug Sual arrived for work and had just settled in for the day when they were approached by staff and asked to vacate their office before pieces of timber were nailed across the door barring them access.
The staff members claimed that the hospital was not functioning well and lack of permanent management meant that many issues were not addressed.
They also claimed that staff discipline and moral were low and specialist medical doctors were leaving the hospital because of poor management.
They had earlier demanded in a petition that the acting CEO and other executives be sidelined and that a caretaker management put in place.
Staff spokesperson Hugh Saweni said they decided to take the action after several meetings in recent weeks over several outstanding issues.
Early this month the staff member left work and had a meeting calling for an immediate action from the Government in which the administrator was present.
The next meeting was held early last week with two representatives from the Department of Health, doctors Paison Dakulala and Goa Tau.
During the meeting the staff were told to return to work with the assurance that all issues they had raised would be addressed in a matrix that was to be put together by the department.
Mr Saweni said yesterday the matrix was sent back to the province late last week but was too broad and that the issues including the management issues were not addressed properly which had forced them to lock the doors to the offices.
It is unclear how long the doors will remain shut.