Mogish’s warning: No offensive weapons in public

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The National, Tuesday 30th April 2013

 JUSTICE Panuel Mogish has warned people who carry and use offensive weapons such as bush knives in public places that they will be severely dealt with by the court.

Mogish issued the warning when sentencing a man to eight years in jail for severing the left arm of a fellow villager with a bush knife.

The judge sentenced Central man Loani Iubu of Barakau village at the Kwikila National Court early this month. 

He said there were far too many such cases in the country.

He said human beings were not like plants where when you cut off a branch, it would re-grow. 

“In this case, you completely cut off the victim’s left forearm. Only part of the skin was holding his forearm to the upper part of his arm when he was taken to the hospital. 

“He now suffers the stigma of walking around in public without the left forearm. 

“You are fortunate you still have your left forearm and you are able to do many things with that arm. 

“Unfortunately, for the victim, he is now crippled for life,” Mogish said.