Momase, highlands commands praised, step up operation

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The National,Thursday 22nd December 2011


MOMASE divisional police commander Giosi Labi has praised police officers in the four provinces for remaining neutral during the political crisis.
Labi said yesterday police in the Momase region had always maintained their neutrality and advised all provincial police commanders and station commanders to maintain law
and order in the provinces.
Labi said politics should be left to politicians and he had given instructions that everyone “remains loyal to the office of the commissioner”.
Special police operations in the region have begun and Labi is appealing to drivers and boat operators to refrain from drinking alcohol while travelling.
Meantime, police in the highlands have been reminded to remain loyal to their duties and avoid being involved in political rows.
Acting highlands police divisional commander Teddy Tei told his officers that they should take orders only from Police Commissioner Tom Kulunga.
He said the dispute over the position of commissioner – between Kulunga and Fred Yakasa – was before the courts.
He said the constabulary would continue to take orders from Kulunga.
Tei said there should not be any confusion as who to take orders from.
He urged officers to maintain order and peace during the festive season and be on the alert for criminal activities.
Tei condemned the burning of a police vehicle by villagers in Irelya outside Wabag, in Enga, last weekend.
He said the villagers should have got their facts right first before going to the extreme and taking the law into their own hands.
He said state resources, such as the police car, were there to serve the people and destroying them was not helpful.
He said the villagers should have been aware that members of the police force were deployed to Port Moresby because they had been directed to do so.