Mona: Education priority

Normal, Papua

The National, Monday July 1st, 2013


EDUCATING Goilala children from elementary to the tertiary level is a priority for Goilala MP Daniel Mona. 

During a visit to his district last week, Mona urged students attending Sacred Heart High School at Tapini to be committed to their studies and work hard to achieve good marks to enter tertiary institutions.

“I want to see doctors, lawyers and pilots from Goilala … that is why I sponsor Goilala students attending Mainohana Secondary School in Bereina; Sacred Heart High School in Tapini and students attending the University of Papua New Guinea, colleges and private training institutions,” he said.

“I am serious about education in Goilala for the young generation today, and will lock up school board members who misuse school funds in the district.

“There is no time to play around, we must all work together to deliver education and other services in Goilala.”

Mona said Goilala people had been marginalised for too long and he wanted to erase the negative perception of them.

He urged students from Goilala to work extra hard, be educated and make their mark in the positive development of the country.

He said one initiative would be to buy uniforms for all Goilala children attending elementary and primary schools in the districts.

He said he would be giving a bonus of K2,000 to every teacher and health worker in the district as a token of appreciation for serving the people of the district.