Mona must address Goilala issues

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday 11th April, 2013

 YOUR report on the be­heading of people in Goi­lala (April 3) is sickening.

I am troubled by the lack of law and order in Goilala.

Where are the leaders of the district and what are they doing?

The following are the proposed measures that need urgent consideration:

Better policing stra­tegies for community police and village courts;

More police presen­ce in administrative stations:

Strong police patrol­ling to uphold laws of the land;

Take seriously into account health issues in Goilala;

Set in place district health programmes to address common killer diseases; and

Set up districtwide awareness and education programmes to cover law and order, health, entrepreneurship, etc.

These strategies will allow us to see the chan­ges we dream of.

I wonder where Goilala MP Daniel Mona is as the community and stakeholders need his input.


Paul Kaita