Money course for 250

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The National, Thursday February 6th, 2014

 MORE than 250 participants graduated with certificates in ‘financial skill programme’, thanks to the partnership between the City Pharmacy Group Ltd (CPL) and Ginigoada Bisnis Development Foundation.

The foundation began in 2002 by Dame Carol, and Dave Conn, then chairman of Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce Industry.

They came together and created Ginigoada to help disadvantaged young people and adults to develop skills through training programme that would help them find jobs or run their own livelihood.

CPL said in a statement yesterday it renewed its sponsorship commitment with Ginigoada for this year.

Last year, CPL helped sponsor the “financial skills programme”. 

The graduation saw 254 participants receiving their certificates in ‘financial skill programme’, the third of mobile adult education programme set up last year by the foundation with support from the CPL group.

Of the 348 people enrolled for the two-week seminar, 147 females completed the course.

This stand-alone programme consists of two main components:

  • Delivery of basic training on financial literacy, where one learns how money works and at the same time gain skills and knowledge that helps one work with one’s finance; and 
  • Running a community enterprise group (CEG) that covers the setting up and managing of a CEG. 

Speaking at the graduation, Ginigoada foundation manager Pastor Mike Fields outlined reasons why the CPL group helped to fund the programme.

He said: “CPL and Ginigoada have the same goal when it comes to helping the people in the community who try to make ends meet. 

“We believe you are clever and there is nothing wrong with you but you don’t have the opportunity so we want to help in this aspect.

“We also believe that you can do great things with your life and we want to encourage you to believe in yourself and make good use of what you have learnt from this programme.” 

 CPL’s corporate services manager Marlene Dutta said: “CPL is proud of Ginigoada’s report on the number of graduates as well as the feedback from the participants of the programme.

“It is CPL’s great pleasure to support this community-based programme again this year.” 

She urged the participants to apply the knowledge they had acquired to help themselves and others.