Money saved in coconut shells to help build church


AN elderly couple in Lese Keharo gave K4581 to the Keharo United Church in Gulf on Easter Friday which they had been collecting over the years.
Ivaroa Lorou, 83, and wife Iosua, 60, from Lese Aviara village had been saving K1 coins in coconut shells since 2015.
When they opened the shells during Easter, they were surprised to see that they had saved K4581 in three years.
The couple handed over the money to Rev Danagi Gio, treasurer Siapea Miva and secretary Fae Fo’o.
“We both sold raw sago, cooked shell sago and coconuts and other store goods. But the popular one was the sago shell which the villagers really liked and it was making good money,” he said.
He said the money would go towards the building of a permanent church.
“In that year, now Gulf Governor Chris Haiveta pledged K50,000. But when he was voted out, nothing materialised to help build the church which still is of bush material and with iron roofing,” Ivaroa said.
“I don’t know whether my good governor will now make this commitment come true to help build a permanent church for Keharo village.”
Ivaroa said the small village church had a congregation of 50.

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