Money sought to help police fight rising crime


A WARD councillor has called on MPs in Morobe to properly fund police operations in rural areas because of the increase in crime there.
Ward councillor Gayang Niaura, of Zare village in the Morobe local level government in Huon Gulf, attributed lawlessness in the village to homebrew and marijuana.
“Four houses were burnt down on Oct 5 and 6 because of the consumption of homebrew,” he said.
“Some youths after drinking homebrew went and killed a villager’s pig. After waiting for compensation, the pig’s owner burnt down two houses.
“Then there was retaliation by the owners of the houses.
“There is nothing much I can do, apart from reporting them to the provincial police command.”
He urged the provincial government to fund the provincial police command.
“Police presence in rural areas is very important,” the councillor said.
“I am aware that officers are assigned to the area, but because there is no funding. It is a hindrance to their movement.”
Police presence would minimise the alarming rate of crime seen in the province, he said.
Provincial coordinator of law and order Francis Masiang said funding was the biggest problem.
“In terms of peace-keeping, there is not much funds to have officials on the ground to support the communities in keeping peace,” Masiang said.
“Most law and order issues affecting communities are because of the consumption of alcohol and homebrew, marijuana, land-boundary issues and sorcery.”
Masiang said there were outstanding law and order cases dating back to 2012 and 2013 and funding was hindrance to keeping law and order.