Money woes halt mainland move

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CARTERET Islander Ursula Rakowa has appealed for State funding to relocate her people on the mainland in the Bougainville Autonomous Region.
Mrs Rakowa, who managed the non-governmental group (NGO) Tulele Pesa, said 83 families were ready to move but there was no money available to make this happen.
She said she expected the Government to do more in the resettlement programme which had been delayed because of non-commitment of resources from the authorities.
“At present, Tulele Pesa is trying to help islanders settle on mainland Bougainville, in the coastal parts of Tinputz district in north Bougainville,” Mrs Rakowa said, adding that 83 had confirmed their wish to leave the Carterets, an atoll group which had been sinking for the past 10 years due to rising sea level caused by global warming.
He said there were already two families living at the relocation site in Tinputz district.
“They have settled in quite nicely without any problems,” she said
With proper scoping of the resettlement programme, Mrs Rakowa believed it could be sustained and ended up being successful.
However, she said she was disappointed because of lack of cooperation by authorities in helping the islanders.
“Tulele Pesa has not been able to maintain its sustainability to help the islanders from international partners and other stakeholders,” Mrs Rakowa said.
“The Autonomous Bougainville Government and the National Government must study the plight of the Carteret islanders and help quickly,” she said.