Monian is top shareholder

The National,Thursday June 30th, 2016

KINA Asset Management Limited chairman Sir Rabbie Namaliu says Monian Limited is the top shareholder in the company.
He said KAML’s portfolio recorded a significant increase from K48.01 million in 2014 to K52.2 million last year.
It is the benefit derived from capital gains off an improvement in investor response and the steady increase in cash returns from higher firm investments such as Monian.
Monian received approval at a special general meeting to increase its total shareholding.
The share purchase provides existing shareholders with liquidity through Monian’s open market purchases. It also provides additional investment funds for Kina Asset Management Limited to capitalise on opportunities.
With more than 29 years of trading in Papua New Guinea, Monian Limited is a nationally-owned company with its head office at the Monian Tower in Port Moresby.
It has three core areas of business – real estate services, property development and gaming.
KAML’s main objective is to build a portfolio of investments that will generate regular dividends and steady capital growth for its participants such as Monian in the public equity markets across the globe.