Monitor DDAs to move forward


THE Government is turning a blind eye on the operations of District Development authorities (DDAs) which is perceived to be the root of development in Papua New Guinea.
Without scrutinising the operations of DDAs, where can we begin to take back PNG?
DDAs should reflect the Government’s development agenda.
Districts should be seen as the intermediary avenue whereby service delivery flows from the national down to sub-national level right through the very core of the system where our people are.
DDAs should be empowered, scrutinised and where possible requires review of its operating procedures to best serve the interest of the people. All laws, acts and regulations by the government should serve the people.
Any law, act, policy or regulation that does not effectively serve the interest of the eight million plus people is to the extent void, ineffective and invalid.
What we require at the district level is revenue creation.
All DDAs should be strictly guided to be involved in revenue creation.
Every economy needs cash injection, without which an economy can never progress.
Once we begin investing on revenue creation in every district, we a putting cash in people’s pocket.
When people at the district level have an income to spend, the Government now has more taxes to collect.
It’s good that the nation has visionary leaders to take us forward.

Antal Kesa King,
Proxy for National Transformation

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