Monitor Moresby polls, says Karo

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The National, Tuesday July 24th, 2012

TRANSPARENCY International should intervene in the counting of ballot papers to ensure there is no corruption, Albert Karo says.
Karo, a People’s National Congress candidate currently third in the Port Moresby South electorate race, made the call at a press conference on Sunday. He was upset with the behaviour of an official at the counting venue.
He said Transparency International should step in and show how an election should be run.
He claimed an assistant returning officer at Port Moresby South was behaving disorderly from the start.
Moale Vagi, of the Indigenous Party, said the indigenous Papuans were being deprived and pushed around in their own land, referring to the official.
“We are supposed to lead our own people and not the foreigners. This is our land and our right, we don’t need foreigners to lead us. We can lead our own people.”
George Lavari, PNG Labour Party candidate, said PNG should introduce a law banning foreigners from politics.
He said most foreigners entered PNG with a profit-making motive.
“In this case we are not losing the fight in a level field but in a field of corruption,” Lavari said.