Monitor teachers’ attendance


TEACHER absenteeism is a great concern in the country.
Honest and faithful teachers are concerned about their students and teach while some teachers are handing around on the street or village and continue to get paid without teaching.
The people in the provincial education office are compromised as they let such teachers continue.
The students throughout the country are affected because of this.
The Education Department should look at this and it them before the country start producing a unproductive and uneducated population
The Teaching Service Commission and Education Department need to introduce some measures to address this. They should rollout check-in/check-out system for teachers in schools.
The system can collect information on teachers’ attendance and report directly to the authorities.
The salary section can use this information to pay teachers according to the time they spend teaching.
Papua New Guinea needs a system that can keep teachers in school five days a week.
The Teaching Service Commission and the Education Department should think out of box and do something to improve students’ academic results and performance in the country.
It is time to produce better and qualified human resource of the country.
Teachers’ attendance should be monitored.

Akam Tom