Monitor teachers’ conduct: Lora

The National,Monday June 27th, 2016

HEAD teachers have been called on to monitor teachers’ performances and necessary actions be taken to improve practice of absenteeism.
National Capital District education secretary Sam Lora made the call following complaints about teachers’ absenteeism in school.
Lora said teachers’ absenteeism was a chronic issue in the country and NCD was no exceptional, therefore, the provincial educational department had been doing its best to help in reducing that.
“We have taken on board how to deal with the issue,” he said.
Lora said NCD education had been having meetings with the head teachers since last year where teachers’ absenteeism was one of the subject of discussion.
He said teachers doing that should be closely monitored and reminded and if no change was shown than he or she be referred to the coordinator or the standard officer responsible.
He said if the teacher continued even after receiving warning from the standard officer or the coordinators then tougher disciplinary action would be applied.
He said absenteeism affects the quality of students learning and it was a grave concern for the NCD education as well as the country.