Monument eyed for war heroes


MOROBE Governor Ginson Saonu pledged to build a permanent monument for Remembrance Day celebrations in partnership with the Papua New Guinea Defence Force Engineer Battalion.
It is for the public to honour World War Two heroes, including soldiers and police officers who died in the line of duty.
Saonu was unable to disclose the amount but assured that the provincial government will honour the monument budget next year.
He is not sure about where the monument will be built as negotiations with PNG Forest Research Institute board is still underway.
“The monument will signify the courage, sacrifice and determination of our forefathers who sacrificed their lives alongside the foreign Allied Forces in World War Two for the peace we enjoy today,” Saonu said.
He said it will also be used to honour military and other disciplined forces members who served or died in the Bougainville Crisis and in the line of duties.
Saonu said the monument will remind the future generation about the significance of July 23, 1942.
“Whole nation must come to a standstill on July 23 each year to honour the courage and compassion our Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels sacrificed for the liberty, freedom and justice we enjoy today.
“July 23, 1942, was an unusual day for 320 barefooted soldiers to fire their first bullet approximately 1000 metres away from Japanese rivals at Awala village, Northern,” Saonu said. The soldiers were among the 3850 natives who joined the army at the time.
“They were the heroes who fought barefooted during unfriendly weather conditions, although many left families behind to fight for peace.”
“Some returned home and others never returned.”