Morata crying out for help


THE order to ban farming, fishing and swimming at Morata swamp because of the presence of the polio virus was made awhile back.
To date, no political leader or relevant authority has intervened to address the issue for the 3500 inhabitants.
The swamp is the only source of life as Morata 4, which by the way does not have any form of water supply despite land being properly surveyed and allocated by National Capital District Commission.
It is an indictment on our political leaders that this legal settlement, which relies on the swamp, has been denied a proper water supply for more than 12 years.
We are human beings and deserve the right to basic needs like any other legal settlement in NCD.
Why then has Eda Ranu and the governor, including the Open MP, ignoring our plight, especially when faced with the presence of a life-threatening illness in our community?
Political leaders, please take this as a reminder, and come to our aid. We have waited for too long.

Wara Life
Morata Four (4) City