Morata settlers back Parkop

National, Normal

The National- Friday, January 14, 2011

 More than 350 men, women and children from land portion 485 and 428 at Morata have united to clean their streets in support of governor Powes Parkop’s efforts to clean the city.

Community leader Larsen Kaiti, who led the work parade, said the people decided to do the clean up because they were happy that Parkop had allowed them to “settle permanently on the land which they had developed and occupied for more than 20 years.”

“This is the beginning of great things we want to do as law-abiding citizens of NCD and we thank Parkop for supporting us,” Kaiti said.

He said this was not the first time the community had done the clean up as they had been doing it for the past 20 years but not in a coordinated fashion.   

The settlers comprising parents, school children and youths were up at 8am and stood in lines cutting grass and collecting rubbish and rusty tins and metals dumped illegally by contractors.

Local youth, Gideon Johnny said what the community leaders had arranged was good as it motivated young people doing to give their effort to contribute something.