More arrested by Sweep

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The Nationl, Monday 3rd September, 2012

TASK Force Sweep has arrested several people for misappropriation and fraud, team leader Sam Koim says.
Koim said last Wednesday, Daniel Peter Yaro, of Sumbre village, Mendi, Southern Highlands, and general manager of Yurr Construction Ltd, were arrested and charged with misappropriating K3.3 million belonging to the state.

The K3.3 million was meant to refurbish Mongol Secondary School under the rehabilitation of existing school infrastructure (Resi) programme.
He said although the contractor was paid the full amount through the Mendi district treasury, it allegedly carried out work estimated at just under K125,000 and the substantial balance was diverted and used for other purposes.
He said based on a complaint laid by the Mongol Secondary School management, investigations were carried out, including valuation by engineers from the Department of Works, which resulted in the findings and eventual arrest of Yaro.
Koim said last Thursday, acting Komo-Margarima district administrator Tumbi Yari was arrested and charged with misappropriating K300,000 of public funds.
He said Yari’s charges were related to hefty sitting allowances paid to members of the Komo-Margarima joint district planning and budget priority committee (JDP&BPC), where the chairman and member for Komo-Margarima, Francis Potape, received K60,000 (K5,000 per meeting for 12 meetings) while other members received K30,000 each (K2,500 per meeting for 12 meetings) between 2009 and 2010.
He said the payments were made over and above the K25 per meeting set by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission.
He said last Thursday, Tracey Tiran, an employee of Petromin Holdings and director of Sits-Up Services Ltd, Lorengau, Manus, was arrested and charged with applying and receiving K500,000 from National Planning Department and diverting it to personal use.
He said the money was paid into the company for the rehabilitation of Sapolau and Pak/Dom plantations in Manus but were diverted.
He said a cheque for K100,000 was raised to PNG Motors on the instructions of a Chris Hulape, who picked up the cheque.