More attention needed on cancer


THE Government should spend more on cancer.
It is true that somebody’s health is his/her wealth. In order for the Government to “Take back PNG”, people’s health should be prioritised because it is the people who will ensure the Government’s visions are achieved.
How can we prosper if people are still dying from cancer?
Even one life matters, and ignoring it will mean a great loss for the country.
It does not make any sense when people are dying from cancer while the Government millions on the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.
Cancer is a deadly disease that respects no one.
I have seen people die from the disease and it hurts me so much.
The Government, without delay, should build separate cancer hospitals in all provinces throughout the country.
Recruit competent and professional doctors from overseas.
Build more radiation therapy facilities.
Guild more research centres so our scientists can do more.
Allow our citizens to enjoy world-class cancer facilities without having to worry about going overseas for medical treatment.
It is time our Government does some to save our people from dying prematurely.
Some of the people who contract cancer are key people who will drive this nation forward.

Justin Max Undi