More bad weather for Lae

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The National, Thursday 20th September, 2012

RESIDENTS of Lae, Morobe, can expect more rain in the coming weeks despite seven sunny days in the past seven days, the Nadzab weather service says.
The spell of sunshine was a relief to most residents, with the city and most districts of Morobe experiencing rain in the past three months.
The Nadzab weather service attributed the uneven weather pattern as effects of climate change.
When contacted, the national weather service in Port Moresby could not provide details of the changing weather patterns.
But a senior technical weather officer at Nadzab said residents should not expect too much sunshine for the rest of the month.
“September is Lae’s wet season but due to climate change it is affecting the weather in the Pacific region,” he said.
“The big change in the weather is part of global warming.”
He said if there were sunny days in the coming weeks, it would likely rain at night.
Torrential rains, especially last month, contributed to floods and landslips in the Tewai-Siassi, Kabwum and Finschhafen districts.
The last seven sunny days suited major activities coinciding with the 37th Independence celebrations in Lae.