More business tools urged for women entrepreneurs

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The National- Thursday, January 20, 2011


THERE should be more financial literacy programmes such as bookkeeping and budgeting for women who are venturing into business.

This was the gist of a remark by Beddie Jubilee, a member of the Melanesian League of Women Actors (MLOWA), at the recent the National Development Bank workshop in Port Moresby.

She said more financial literacy programmes should be provided to women to ensure sustainability in their respective business activities, which could either be big or small.

Jubilee said throughout the years, mothers had been sitting at markets selling their garden foods and other stuff.

Now, she stressed it was about time they moved to the next level.

However, Jubille said they lacked the knowledge in advancing and sustaining their business.

She also attributed lack of team work and land mobilisation problem as hindrances that prevented them from progressing in business.

“Why are women not moving forward in business?” Jubilee asked.

She said the government has put in a lot of effort to push for women in business but there was little to show for it.

She said it was about time women should be in the business frontline rather than in the background, with their husbands in front.

The MLOWA is a community-based initiative by women in East New Britain to promote and ecourage women in informal business sector.

The organisation was formed last year with about 100 members.