More emphasis on basic values needed

Letters, Normal

I AM sad to highlight the diminishing of basic values taught in our tertiary institutions.
The most important aspect of every educated person is not the skilled learned but to really perform when it comes to crunch and to be honest and accountable.
In reality, it is natural for everyone to expect good leadership and effective management, thus avoiding conspiracy and corruption at all level.
This must come with teaching and educating students the necessary ethical and moral principles in our public and private educational institutions.
Private institutions, especially missionary-run tertiary educational institutions have done a good job for upholding Christian principles.
However, other private educational institutions must start educating students these fundamental principles to add value to the lives of our future leaders to take this nation from corrupt to prudent governance.
We need to put more emphasis on moral and ethical principles to empower our family, community, province and nation.


Golai Kambut
Port Moresby