More lawyers needed, says new public solicitor

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PUBLIC Solicitor Leslie Mamu has called on the Government to allow his office to increase the number of lawyers in its corporate structure.
Mamu told The National on Friday that some of the branches had only one, two or three lawyers although the maximum number needed per branch should be four.
“We need four lawyers in all branch offices, and four lawyers in each section headquarters,” Mamu said.
“We need to have a standard number of lawyers to attend to duties the public require of us.”
Mamu could not give an estimate of how much funding his office would need to expand its manpower. He said this would be determined by a corporate structure.
Meanwhile, his office extended its legal aid to land matters because they affect a lot of people.
Mamu said his office has planned to serve juvenile courts properly.
“This is to ensure our children are protected when they face the law,” he said.
Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia expressed confidence in Mamu.
“Mamu is a young officer, but is not new to the office,” Sir Salamo said.