More outages hit city

Lae News, Normal

The National, Wednesday, April 27, 2011

LAE continues to suffer intermittent power blackouts which started over the Easter weekend and continued for most of yesterday.
The power outages had factories, offices and shops operating on standby generators while residents went without electricity.
The blackouts in some residential areas in Lae lasted up to 20 hours from last Tuesday morning until after midnight.
Last Sunday, the blackout lasted more than five hours and, yesterday, power was cut for five hours.
It is not known whether the blackouts are the result of the same problem as last week when PNG Power chief executive officer Tony Koiri said the cause was because of a shortfall in output.
“The shortfall is caused by a busted valve at the Yonki Dam that supplies water into the Ramu hydro power station,” he said.
“This has caused a reduction in the inflow of water into the power station resulting in the complete shutdown of Ramu power station.”