More people go into fish farming in Enga


FISH farming in Lagaip area of Enga is gaining momentum as more people show interest, says programme coordinator of Laigap Poverty Relievers Association (LPRA) Tony Sulupin.
Sulupin said people cultivated their land and converted them into inland fish farms.
He believed that Enga had huge potential to improve household income, enhance nutrition and promote food security through inland farming.
He said the province had no small to medium enterprises (SMEs) in renewable resources sector, especially fishery, agriculture, forestry and tourism.
Sulupin said in recent years, he started an initiative by mobilising local people into fish projects in which more than 50 people had shown interest by developing ponds.
“I believe it is a breakthrough after seeing more than 50 people cultivating their own fish ponds,” he said.
“These activities should have been introduced earlier and we could have many fish farmers by now, supplying both the local and national markets.”
Sulupin said he had trained farmers to dig ponds, plant flowers and pipe in water, ready for the fingerlings to be supplied, starting next month.
He said last November, the European Union funded the inland fish farming project under the “strengthening integrated sustainable landscape management projects” in Enga.