More people trained to protect our children


TWENTY-three people in Western end of the Highlands can now play a protective role for children.
This is by providing surveillance mechanisms and doing legal justice in the courts for children who are abused. This comes after they were certified last Friday in Enga as child protection officers (CPOs), following two weeks of intensive training.
The training was conducted for CPOs from Hela, Southern Highlands, Western Highlands and Enga.
According to the director for the National Office for Child Protection and Family Services, Simon Yanis, the training was the second one held.
The first was in the New Guinea Islands region last year.
This has brought the number of trained and certified local level government CPOs to 107.
“This is an endeavour undertaken by the Government, through this office, to have 304 CPOs in the country.
“That is to have one each from every local level government as provided for in the Lukautim Pikinini (Child Protection) Act 2015.
“The current training that we are running is for LLG CPOs, as we already have 22 senior CPOs in every province and 89 district CPOs.”

One thought on “More people trained to protect our children

  • Lukatim Pikinini act 2015 seems to be silent and needs attention as most Papua New Guinea dosen,t know. At the district levels this act needs forum at there respective councilor wards 22 districts.
    This act will play potential roles and ward councilors need training with relevant NGO if needs be. District CO needs to work very close with his officer at the District levels translate this particular act Lukautim Pikinini act 2015.

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